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Bimetallic Standards

Standards define the scope of a product's application. They set the bar for industry and application.

Bimetals are just like any other metal for application in industry. They must adhere to an industry standard.  Bimetals have been standardized for well over a century, and new standards are being created each year to expand their reach. Depending upon the application, and the base characteristics of the parent metals, bimetals can be designed to achieve many goals. Standards Making Organizations (SMO's) are those bodies responsible for that process, bimetals included. A few notable SMO's referencing bimetals are UL, ASTM and IEEE.  There are (and will be) others.  The following are a few of the more common standards governing the manufacture and application of bimetals.

Select an SMO below to view certain highly-recognized standards for bimetals.

(This is not a complete list of standards referencing bimetals.)