CCA Safety Checked Initiative

The ABA was formed to advocate, advance and safeguard the use of bimetals. An important function of our mission involves helping shield the public from conductors made with counterfeit and sub-standard Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA).

As electrical conductors made with CCA become more prevalent in society, it is paramount that they meet or exceed the safety standards currently in place to govern them. Our program is called “The CCA Safety Checked Initiative.”  The program aims to collaborate with US Customs, OSHA, the CPSC and other key federal agencies to prevent the entry and distribution of substandard electrical conductors claiming to be made with genuine CCA.  It is our mission to develop testing facilities and educational programs that will aid our government in catching fake electrical conductors before they cross our borders or enter the marketplace.  Working through government, we seek to create an accreditation program that would list genuine conductors with the “CCA Safety Checked” mark – the CCA Shield (see below):

We will be reporting on the progress of the CCA Safety Checked Initiative.  Thanks for your commitment to public safety!